There were two reasons I needed to hire a stylist: re-evaluate my way of styling; be more hip in my look rather than the usual next door girl and at the same time keep the style within budget. Apart from these reasons I also wanted to see what face products I could use that would not cause allergies to my skin.

I could speak freely with Minnie about all my thoughts, inhibitions, fears, and eventually my end goal. And I must say it was a wonderful experience with her.

The first time we met at my home, I was floored at how much detail she had researched things for me, in the way what clothing would suit me, what products would be good for me, what should be the right way for styling and portraying the good side of me. I appreciated her help in cleaning out my wardrobe so I could let go of things that I have been holding on to for silly reason that I would fit back into them sometime in future. :)

Following up with the in person session we went on shopping spree in NYC. What a beautiful experience it was. Initially I was a little picky about a few of the choices she had picked for me, all in all Minnie had nailed it very well for me. And what was more amazing was that she found items that would fit my budget as well. She put in a lot of effort to create a catalog that had detailed list of items to shop for as well as stores to go to. I was apprehensive of the store [name redacted] but now that would be one more store that I would go for my clothing.

The makeup session was a bonus, I can say. I wasn't really looking forward to that session considering my sensitive skin. However encouraged by Minnie I boldly went ahead with it. I am glad we could at least find a foundation that suits my skin as well as does not give me allergies. Minnie was incredibly patient through the whole process.

All in all I can say that we walked out of this trip with some wonderful attires that will keep everyone's eyes turning at me.

I look forward to doing a Summer/Spring session come March of next year. Minnie is a wonderful and easy person to work with. I appreciate her time, support, thoughts, effort and feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

- Aparna D., Software Professional, Manchester, CT
(Package Type: Gold)



I consult with Minnie at least a couple times a year, and I find her knowledge of trends and fashions invaluable. Every time she has consulted with me, I have come away feeling confident and stylish from the experience. Moreover, my closet has begun to look chic and fashion forward. I can now confidently mix and match items that I own, and get compliments! Thank you so much!

- Kelly T., Information Architect, Brooklyn, NY
(Package Type: Platinum, and 4-hour shopping trips twice a year)



SO happy I hired Minnie to be my stylist!!! She taught me a lot and it's amazing how a little extra understanding of your body and style can make such a difference to how clothes look on you. I was surprised at her clothing and accessory choices for me, because those were items I would never have thought of pairing together, but WOW! The effect was stunning! All the clothes she selected for me complimented my figure so well, along with being 'age appropriate' which was something I needed major help with. In my new outfits I actually look and feel younger and thinner! I feel much more up to date and even stylish. I used to hate getting dressed in the mornings and shopping was a nightmare but now that has changed. With the new look and makeover, I have become addicted to compliments!!

I can't thank you enough Minnie, your assistance has been invaluable. :-D

- Rachel W., Administrative Assistant, New York, NY
(Package Type: Gold)



Getting a style makeover from Minnie has helped me in more ways than I can express. I hadn't realized what a huge role our outward appearance can play in our lives. Minnie helped me understand my body type and what works best with it. Since my makeover, I have landed a long overdue promotion at work (although I had the merits, my former appearance kept me from climbing up the ladder!) Gone is the frumpy me, and now I always feel chic and fashionable. Thank you so very much, Minnie!

- Sandra T., Volunteer Services Coordinator, New York, NY
(Package Type: Silver)



After having lost 31 lbs, I know I needed a new wardrobe as everything was huge and tentlike. Minnie's patience and expertise proved to be a big help in helping me enhance and polish up my style, and find stylish yet affordable clothes that made me feel like a million bucks.

- Natasha C., Stay-at-home-mom, NJ
(Virtual Consultation, and 3-hour Shopping Trip)